Retractable Solar Zip Screens

Protect your home from the sun without sacrificing your million-dollar view with our motorized, retractable solar zip screens!

Our motorized solar screens block 90% of the sun’s UV rays, so you limit the sun’s damaging effects on your skin, furniture and floors. Our solar screens let you take in that beautiful sunset view, while protecting your home!

They may be thin, but our solar screens are powerful, durable, and incredibly useful. Enjoy these Benefits of our Retractable Screens:

  • Our elegant solar screens add value to your home’s resale price.
  • Screens fabrics come in many colors to match your homes decor and color preference.
  • Frames available in White and brown as shown below.
  • Our durable rolldown screens protect you and your family from skin-damaging UV rays.
  • Block out the sun’s glare and excessive heat, adding comfort to every room in your home.
  • Equipped with manual or automatic controls (automated with Somfy® motorized systems).
  • They can be solar-powered
  • Installed on the exterior of your windows or doorways, absorbing all the heat of the sun and reducing your energy costs for savings year after year…something traditional blinds and interior shades don’t do very well.
  • Create a stylish look while maintaining your view of the outdoors.
  • The PVC-coated fiberglass retractable screens are rot-proof and mildew-proof.
  • Corrosion-resistant materials last a long time — a worthwhile investment in your home!

These solar-powered Retractable Window Screens hide when not needed or can be rolled down for partial shading.

Extended Durability with Solar Screen Weather Sensors

Protect your solar screens from strong wind or rainstorm with solar screen weather sensors, which automatically retract your screens in certain weather conditions even when you’re not home!

Get Rewarded for Your Solar Screens

Retractable solar screens offer an immediate reward for smart homeowners. The comfort of keeping out the sun’s heat in a simple and stylish way is worth real money to you. If you ever decide to sell your home, you’ll be glad to know that your exterior shading has actually increased the value of your property.

By blocking heat from the outside, you’ll reduce your energy costs from day one with these solar screens, something traditional window coverings don’t do well.

Elegance You Control – in Different Colors

Having a beautiful home is about more than just blocking out the sunlight. You want to be sure your home is protected from the damaging UV rays without compromising style.



You can select from a variety of different colored screens to match the theme of your home, as well as white and brown frames, which are built with aluminum and coated in epoxy powder for extended life and durability.

And perhaps best of all, you don’t have to mess with fragile strings like with traditional blinds. You get your choice of manual or automatic controls, and your solar screen fits nicely in a 4” box right above your window or sliding glass door.

  • We offer over 15 standard screen colors that come in 2 different visibility densities:
  • 12% openness (90% UV blockage) or 5% openness (95% UV blockage).
  • Our 3 most popular screen color options are bronze/bronze, bronze/charcoal & charcoal/charcoal.