Awning Components

Square bar
The Awning Warehouse uses a 40x40mm, steel square bar on all the awnings. The bar is first galvanized and then powder coated. The steel square bar or (torsion bar) as its called in the industry actually absorbs the stress imposed by the wind. Installation brackets can be attached anywhere on the bar to secure your awning to your home or business.

Roller Tube
The roller tube is made of heavy,durable steel to provide proper tension on the fabric. It too is galvanized for rust protection both on the inside and out.

Arm Bracket
The patented arm bracket comes with all of The Awning Warehouse’s awning systems and attaches to the square bar. The arm bracket has several features besides connecting the triple spring loaded arms to the square bar.It’s where the adjustment (pitch) is set and also is equipped with a automatic wind-lock device to prevent the front bar from springing upwards. This prevents any possible inflicted wind damage to occur.

Front Bar Connectors
The front bar connector joins the arms to the front rail. This “ball and Socket” front arm attachment allows the the connector to flex and move in windy conditions thus absorbing the wind load. This stops the wind force from traveling through out the system that could possibly cause structural damage.

Awning Warehouse Arms are at the core of each awning system. Composed of thick gauged aluminum walled profiles, inner springs and synthetically weather resistant coated cables making our arms one of the best in the business.

All folding arms are equipped with high resistant, self lubricating bearings and stainless steel bolts. Unlike the competition, The Awning Warehouse uses 3 individually coated cables that are attached to its own internal spring to keep fabric sag to a minimum.

The Awning Warehouse uses a one piece 7″ wide powder coated (white or brown) aluminum hood. The hood has a rubber shield on the backside that brings the hood closer to the wall. On the frontside it has drain rail to help relieve any accumulated water that collects on the hood. The end caps give it a finished look while providing protection.