Retractable Awning Buyers Guide For 2022

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Retractable Awning Prices - Read our Buyers Guide for Retractable Awnings

Read our Retractable Awning Buyers Guide when considering which Retractable Awning to purchase this year. Before you buy any product it’s important to consider the many functions and features available in today’s new line of Motorized Retractable Awnings. In 2022 we wrote the definitive pricing guide to better educate homeowners looking to add shade to their backyard patio or deck area. This year we are examining some of the differentiating characteristics of Retractable Awnings and what makes them such a highly sought after addition to the backyard.

Top Features For Retractable Awnings in 2022

Automatic Motorized Beats Hand Cranked

Manually operated retractable awnings are hand cranked and can be pivoted to provide shade at an angle, positioning them to the desired tilt. They typically wear out a bit quicker than an automatic motorized awning which can be operated either with the flick of a wall switch or with the push of a button. When surveyed homeowners reported preferred the motorized version 3:1 over the hand cranked version.

Automation Features

Today’s retractable awnings can be outfitted with devices that detect changes in the weather to automatically provide shade when the sun is beating down and retract when it begins to get windy or overcast. Sun & Wind Sensors are some of the most commonly requested in commercial applications for patio areas in hotels and resorts. In 2018 expect to see more homeowners installing retractable awnings equipped with this functionality.


Side Shade Panels

In 2021 Side Shade Panels took off, it’s going to be a huge feature in 2022. More and more homeowners requested this add-on feature as they enjoyed the added shade provided by roll down side shade panels. We anticipate the want for this feature to increase even further in 2018. Side Shade Panels offer additional shade for direct sunlight and quickly roll down from the end of the retractable awning to block the sun from eye level.

Surge in Demand in Outdoor Living

A recent surge in demand due to the pandemic has seen a resurgence in beautifying the backyard. This includes building pools, decks, hardscaping and improvements to your patio. To answer the call from consumers the industry come out with exciting new features that make a retractable awning one of the most sought after backyard features. It’s no longer considered an add-on just for the rich. Homeowners know that adding a retractable awning added comfort and convenience as well as style and elegance to the patio area. It’s one of the easiest add-ons to install that immediately add value to the home and quickly pays for itself within just a few years.

Retractable Awning Buyers Guide for 2022

When we polled a 1,000 retractable awning owners we found that the median price paid for equipment and installation was $3,800.00. It’s quite common to for installers to charging as much as $4,500.00 for a retractable awning. Many awning installation companies attach a premium for installing a retractable awning.

When considering which company to hire to install your new awning it’s important that you: 1) choose a company that specializes in retractable awnings so that you aren’t getting a second rate installation job or 2) paying for someone to experiment installing a product they have little experience with.


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