Retractable Awning Features

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What Are Homeowners Looking For in Retractable Awning Features?

Many homeowners have different needs and tastes when it comes to deciding which retractable awning features they are looking for in their awning. For those who prefer to control their retractable awning with the flick of a button, operating the motorized awning is as simple as turning a light switch.

Still there are those that prefer to have a remote control that they can grab while outside entertaining in order to operate the retractable awning to produce instant shade. A more budget conscious selection is the hand cranked variety of retractable awning which allows instant access to open, close, and tilt the retractable awning to produce shade at a specific angle.

3 Most Common Retractable Awning Features

  1. Hand Cranked Retractable Awning – Open, Close, and Tilt Retractable Awning With a Crank
  2. Push Button Retractable Awning – Open and Close the awning connected to a common wall switch
  3. Remote Control Retractable Awning – Open, Close, Tilt, and Drop Screen With a Remote Control

Whatever your preference you can rest assured that your retractable awning installers will do a magnificent job and your awning will look beautiful for many years to come and be as easy and efficient to operate as they day you purchased it. The overall price you can expect to pay when buying a retractable awning is reflected on the retractable awning features you select when purchasing.

Push Button & Remote Control Retractable Awnings will cost more than a traditional hand cranked retractable awning but offer the convenience and ease of use that comes with the higher price tag.

So Which Retractable Awning Should You Choose?

One popular retractable awning feature is the remote control retractable awning.

That’s a question we get asked all the time but the answer really boils down to the individual. Are you the type that’s willing to pay a few extra bucks for the convenience that comes from a fully remote controlled motorized awning or would you prefer to save some money and don’t mind expending a little elbow grease to open and close your awning with a hand crank. Whichever you choose, you’ll still have a high quality retractable awning that adds shade, safety and comfort to your outdoor living area. With that said…

Remote Control Retractable Awnings Are The Best Value For The Money!

We’re not going to lie, if you have the extra money to invest in a remote control retractable awning we highly recommend doing so. We find that many homeowners enjoy the convenience that comes with being able to completely control their retractable awning with just the push of a button.

An added bonus: Kids think it’s just about the coolest invention ever the first time they see it in action!

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