Before You Have a Retractable Awning Installed

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Patios and decks traditionally are considered to be popular gathering places for friends and family. However, when the weather becomes hot and the sun is beating down or a sudden spat of rain comes along, this can cause the party to move quickly inside. A retractable awning can make your outdoor living environment much more enjoyable.

Cool Down Your Backyard Patio or Deck Fast With a Retractable Awning

With a retractable awning though, you’ll find much more use from your patio or deck because not only will you be protected from the elements and harmful UV rays, but you can instantly cool down your seating area by 20 degrees or more!

2 Main Options for Retractable Awnings – Manual or Automatic

“Basically there’s 2 main options for homeowners that are looking for a patio or deck awning,” said Dominick Ciminiello, president of The Awning Warehouse “automatic or manual” Manual awnings are hand-cranked open and closed; whereas automatic retractable awnings are motorized and are typically a bit more expensive.

Says Mr. Ciminiello “Roughly 70% of the retractable awnings we sold last year were automatic awnings. They’ve become very popular with homeowners in the past few years”.

A basic 11’9″ x 10′ sized retractable awning costs about $1,999 with a hand crank. Larger sized awnings are typically 19’3″ x 10′ and range around $2,799. Adding a motorized version only adds $499 to the total and comes with a wall switch or remote control. “We usually recommend awnings that have a motor for convenience and a hand crank just in case the power goes out.” says Ciminiello.

New innovations have been made in recent years that have enabled automatic retractable awnings with special features including sensors that can automatically open or close a retractable awning depending weather conditions. For example, your awning can automatically open when hot & sunny and close when evening or cloudy. Rain and wind sensors can automatically close the awning when it begins to rain or before gusty winds can damage the awning. Typically adding sun, rain and wind sensors will increase the overall price of your retractable awning by as much as $500 or more.

The Awning Warehouse offers a wide selection of weather resistant Sunbrella Fabrics to choose from. We have over 350 different selections suited to fit every backyard decor. We also offer covers to protect your awning during the cold winter months. Options range from vinyl snap-on covers to custom-made aluminum enclosures.

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